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April 22nd, 2010
12:47 pm
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Stolen Snuffle Bear!!!! in Florida

Residents face unbear-able loss</strong>
Carol Camiener and Jim Herrington are sad to report that their 1980 Gund Snuffles stuffed bear went missing from Table 8 Saturday, March 27, at the Ringling College Night at the Avant-Garde: The Pajama Party. The bear was wearing his Tampa Bear Rays baseball uniform. His name is Mr. Schmooze and he was a gift from Herrington to Camiener some 30 years ago.

“We miss him even though he is a little worn and his black nose has turned white,” the couple reports.

The couple very much wants him back, no questions asked, and is offering a $100 reward. Call 383-8840.

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