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Help for a friend please
Permission to "boost the signal" on this is a blanket given. This post is public.

As anyone who has been following my LJ or facebook knows, a list mate of mine suffered a terrible tragedy sunday early in the morning. Her house caught fire and burned totally. That is not all she lost, however. She also lost her dear friend Amy, as well as her dad. She, her daughter and her husband all survived. They are homeless, living with friends.

I know how hard it is to ask for these things, so I am asking for them.

They need everything. Especially money, gift cards to live on, clothing. Anything.

They are in West Lafayette, Indiana. I have a couple of addresses where help can be sent to them at this time.

I know she did not have a Paypal account last I talked to her. I will offer up mine. I will change it into a gift card and send it onto her. sylumgator at

Even if you can not afford anything right now, just keep them all in your thougts and prayers. AJ/Eddie and her dad's IDs were just announced today. As well as cause of death.
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